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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Maybe the coolest book ever!

And I haven't even started reading it yet! This morning I went to a local gun show with buddys Kenny and Jim after a tasty Cracker Barrel breakfast. I didn't have any money for guns or ammo or the usual stuff and I was extremely disappointed not to be able to afford the Smith & Wesson Model 17, 22LR revolver that I found not 60 seconds after having my hand stamped. It was a good looking revolver and I'd have bought it in a minute if the budget would have tolerated it.

So I didn't buy any guns today but I did discover a fantastic book that simply had to come home with me. This one was sitting on a table with 12 or 15 other books that seemed old and well loved but this one, well, it just spoke to me. Check out the pictures first-

John M. Browning American Gunmaker cover

John M. Browning American Gunmaker Title page

John M. Browning American Gunmaker autograph

That's a 1964 first edition of a biography of local hero and world renowned gun inventor, John Moses Browning, (PBUH), written by another Browning though I haven't had time to figure out the geneology yet and autographed to Gerald Keogh, the former and long time president of the Utah Gun Collectors Association. The book is from Mr. Keogh's estate as were the resto of the tasty books on that table. If I could have- I'd have bought them all today.

But I could only afford this one and it's a keeper. I don't have a huge library of books- certainly not like so many other bloggers but I'm keeping this one and saving for the next gun show where I can add more of Mr. Keogh's collection to my collection! Tamara- you can't have my book, it's not for sale. But I will gladly loan it to you after I've read it through, if you like.

UPDATE: I started reading my new book last night. I had to get a couple chapters in to discover that the John Browning listed as co-author and signatory of the autograph, is John Moses Browning's oldest son. Pretty cool. It's also a very interesting read.

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